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Album release August 30
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Bjørn Charles Dreyer, a renowned musician known for his work with various artists, is releasing his second solo album, "Fourth Wave and the Moon," on August 30. The album is a personal journey that reflects resilience, seeking new love, and experiencing victory and fall. Inspired by nature and coastal surroundings in Norway, the music blends acoustic and electronic elements while drawing from Dreyer's diverse musical background. The album features collaborations with highly renowned musicians and was produced by Erik Honoré. Mastered by the legendary Jonathan Wyner, "Fourth Wave and the Moon" promises to captivate listeners for 38 minutes.

Bjørn Charles Dreyer: guitars and electronics

Ariel de Wolf: cello

Henning Seldal: melodic percussion

Arve Henriksen: trumpet on Armada and The Lighthouse Keeper

Erland Dahlen: drums on Earthbound, Fourth Wave And The Moon and The Emigrant

Ronnie Jacobsen: electric bass and acoustic piano on Earthbound, Fourth Wave And The Moon and The Emigrant

Erik Honoré: electronics and synthesizer on The Sound Of The Sea, The Lighthouse Keeper, Days Maybe Weeks, Ghost Vessel, Harbour Dawn, The Emigrant and Contemplace.

Lars Kristian Lia: electronics on Armada Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra on Ghost Vessel

Lars Erik Humborstad: recording engineer

Mastered by Jonathan Wyner

Produced and mixed by Erik Honoré DM1

Label: Dreyer Music


Track list:

1. The Sound of The Sea (2:44)

2. The Lighthouse Keeper (3:06)

3. Earthbound (3:22)

4. Days Maybe Weeks (6:09)

5. Endgame (Shostakovich String Quartet No. 8, Mvt. 4) (2:52)

6. Armada (3:32)

7. Fourth Wave And the Moon (2:42)

8. Ghost Vessel (4:36)

9. Harbour Dawn (3:10)

10. The Emigrant (3:41)

11. Contemplace (3:42)

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Bjørn Charles Dreyer & Kristiansand Symfoniorkester


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